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i don’t understand the animal crossing universe’s economy at all why are bugs and fish worth more than furniture and clothes and where is the demand for these creatures coming from what was/are tom nook/reese doing with all these critters they’re shelling out hundreds of thousands of bells for and why are there no bug or fish villagers is this some animal farm shit where all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others what the fuck kind of game am i playing

Kink survey: bold your kinks, cross out turn offs

Hands. Fingers. Bones sticking out. Eye contact. Hair. Being loud. Being quiet. Wings. Glasses. Lingerie. Horns. Body modification. Piercings. Tattoos. Stilettos. Bloodplay. Bondage. Stubble. Biting. Anal play. Double penetration. Knifeplay. Urine. Scratching. Feet. Leaving clothes on. Boots. Vomit. Licking. Begging. Cuddling. Crossdressing. Bruises. Make up. Pubic hair. Foreign languages. Feminization. Scars. Leather. Accents. Braces. Roleplay.Daddy/master/etc. Slapping/spanking. Tentacles. Non-human species (merfolk, centaurs etc). Defecation. Pegging. Sex toys. Fingering. Tying up. Prolonged waiting. Car sex. Intelligence. Being in public. A specific eye color. Watching. Crying. Hipbones. 

(Source: punkzombies)

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